for mom….

It’s not the absence that keeps me thinking,
But the memories in every little corner that resemble a dream
It’s not the image or figure that I used to see,
Or the touches that I had felt
Please believe me… it’s not an illusion, really… not at all

Sometimes I see the eyes that had made me see the sun
Literally no longer exist, but always around
I can feel the glances, the stares, and the whispers the wind brings
A song that I used to hear, very familiar but I can’t even sing
It breaks my heart, lowers my spirit
Until a time for asking a Divine request,
a piece of journey while shut eyes asleep
deep in a night that can see the face that I used to see.

The name behind the memories will soon be forgotten
Images will fade, moments that had passed by erased through time
But still, I’ll remember it till my heart stops to beat
The words that had been said can never be heard
from the lips where they slipped
Or the air that had flown in and out those nostrils
The voice and the smiles within the years as it flies
No, it’s not it.

It’s not the shape or the color I used to imagine
The moves in every walk, or the voice in every talk
Please believe me, it’s not it.
Things will never be same, but I’ll keep saying this…
I Know That Face…

The most beautiful face that I’ve ever seen and loved
I may now only see it in my dreams, memories and photographs
But in my heart a time will come, whenever it will be
Words in my lips with a huge smile in it
Will come out in a delightful shout saying repeatedly
The words that I cannot say in this present life
The words that belong to the one who gave me unconditional love
The only one that God provided me for giving my life
I hope and pray that time will come, where I can say these words

In front of her face while running to her arms for a lifetime longing embrace
that I only dream of nowadays.
I feel it will come someday, a day when I can see that face again
Yes, I do believe that I will say these words… out loud!
With joy and excitement!
Yes! I Know That Face… that Face…