It’s been a while since I saw you smile, a lifeless expression is now covering your eyes.
I never saw it coming that you will realize, the most painful truth about saying goodbye.
I knew you tried so hard to make us feel we’re one.
But as time goes by our ways became so far.
Our walks swayed so fast till we drifted apart.
Now we only feel the heat but not our beating hearts.

Many times I’ve tried to reach you, and be the one you used to know.
But only to realize that we’re done and we have to go. The sorrows you’ve been giving me made me hold another hand, hoping to ease the pain see a new side of light.

For all the times we’ve shared you’ve been pushing me around.
You’re taking me for granted never thought that we’re getting tired.
The little sweet voices that we used to hear laughing, now fading away cries losing in uncertainty.
The decision to break the tie was never an easy option. I’ve challenged myself before to stay focused to save the little ones .
From the bitterness we’ve been going through they don’t deserve to realize.

Material things gave them temporary happiness , but now can no longer sustain to stop noticing the pain.
In their pure minds they feel something is wrong, no words can express how they fear the day we have to go. The peace and harmony that they deserve to have, now only hatred we show to them, and love is out of sight.

As we take the road to nowhere I hope we find peace somewhere.
Where hopes and dreams never fade away believing love will keep us stay.
At night before I close my eyes sometimes I see you kiss goodnight.
But in the late of night i cried as I kiss your lips goodbye.